Poem on Nature - Morning Vibes

Poem No.13 - By Nature For Me 

""Sometime I think, Sun comes from clouds to say good morning to me.
Birds Sing a song at evening when I go to bed.
Wind touch me and say wake up baddy, its time to run faster then me.
Rose says make someone happy by saying I Love You and I Do Care About You.""

""Mountain which is standing in front of me says by banding his head, Sir it's time to climb on me.
Animal are saying to me please save the Nature and Enjoy with us.
River is touching my feet and saying keep going on whatever is the way.
Moon is saying see everything but never lost your shine and kindness.""

""Stars are saying no matter you are staying in difficult situation, but keep smile on your face.
and parents are saying whatever will be the condition, you are our hero and we are always with you.""

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