Short Note No.1 - Thoughts

Thoughts born in mind and get an emotional touch from heart. It makes a person great or worst. A human defined by their thoughts, we can say that thoughts is a mirror image of a person. If your thought process is not clear then we can easily find that person is confused and such person can not rule the world.

All great people are great thinker too, their word always have a magic to catch attention of crowd and they can inspire to a versatile mob. 

Our thoughts can make someone happy and make them cry too, it is a cause of peace or war in the world. Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi became a way of our freedom from British at the same time thoughts of Hitler became a cause of second world war, which we can say a cause of distortion for mass. 

That's why someone said, "World are mighty then the Sword". 

Think once before eat but think twice before speak. 

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